Zuma Deluxe

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Don't let the balls arrive to the center!


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Zuma Deluxe! is a really funny arcade game that will keep you hours and hours glued to the computer.

The game is not complicated, but it is very simple, but we all know that simple games are usually addictive. In fact, it's so addictive that it also has its version for Mobiles and Windows Mobile.

You control a frog placed in the center of the screen defending a hole where a group of balls try to reach and your goal is to throw color balls those ones approaching you and the hole. When forming groups of three or more they'll explode and that's the way you have to avoid them to arrive the hole and kill your frog.

Zuma Deluxe! offers you two game modes: Adventure mode where you'll go through the different levels and the survival mode, where you'll have to play the longest time you can.

Also available for Windows Mobile.


The trial version includes 15 levels